Simple Squirrel Feeder Project

A squirrel feeder is easy and inexpensive to build. After gathering all your materials, this project only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Squirrel feeder materialsMaterials

  • pine cone
  • string (about 2 feet)
  • peanut butter
  • nuts, seeds, or bread crumbs (the smaller, the better)


Squirrel feeder cone comparisonStep 1: Choose a good pine cone.

Pine cones come in many shapes and sizes. Find one that is relatively smooth and not spiny. This will make handling and building your feeder much easier!

Step 2: Attach the string to the pine cone.Squirrel feeder string under scale

To fasten the string to the pine cone, wind one end around the top of the cone. Make sure the string is secure by slipping it under the pine cone’s scales. Tie off the end of the string with a knot.

Step 3: Cover the cone in peanut butter.

Use a knife to spread peanut butter liberally over the pine cone. This can get messy, so laying down a newspaper to catch any drips will make your cleanup easier.Spreading peanut butter on squirrel feeder


Spread the peanut butter against the direction of scale growth to get it into all the cracks and more evenly coat the pine cone.

Step 4: Roll the cone in nuts, seeds, or bread crumbs.Rolling squirrel feeder in nuts

Spread out your nuts, seeds, or bread crumbs and roll the pine cone over them until it is covered. If you’re using large nuts, crush them first to keep them from falling off the pine cone later.

Step 5: Hang up your squirrel feeder.

Completed squirrel feeder

Choose a convenient branch and hang your squirrel feeder from it. To prevent the first squirrel who comes along from running off with your feeder, make sure it isn’t too close to the tree. A couple feet of clearance on all sides should do the trick. Check back periodically to see how much your neighborhood squirrels love your delicious squirrel feeder!

To see this Simple Squirrel Feeder in action, check out the video below.