How Long Do Asian Squirrels Live?

Asia boasts several species of squirrel with a high potential for long life. Indian giant squirrels, Prevost’s squirrels, and red and white flying squirrels can all live to be in their twenties.

Indian Giant Squirrel

Indian Giant SquirrelThe oldest recorded age for an Indian giant squirrel is 20 years.1 They are native to the country of India and live in forest habitats. Indian giant squirrels have brown topcoats, beige bellies, a light-colored patch on top of their heads, and beautiful long tails several times longer than their bodies. About half their time is devoted to feeding and the other half to resting.2

Prevost’s Squirrel

Prevost's SquirrelPrevost’s squirrels can live for up to 21 years in captivity.1 Their markings include distinctive orange, white, and black stripes, and like all tree squirrels, they live in forests. They’re native to the southeastern part of Asia.3

Red and White Flying Squirrel

Similar to Prevost’s squirrels, red and white flying squirrels can also live to be 21 years old.1 They have white faces and reddish-brown bodies. Weighing in at over 3 pounds, red and white flying squirrels are some of the largest squirrels in the world.4


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